Boy Gives Soldier Unforgettable Gift

This is just an awesome story.

An 8-year-old boy in Ohio decided to thank a army veteran for his service in a very selfless way.

Myles Eckert and his family were having dinner at a Cracker Barrel when he found a $20 bill in the parking lot, during dinner Myles saw a Lt. Col. Frank Dailey in uniform with his family, decided to thank him for his service by sending him a note with the money attached.

The note read: “Dear Soldier, My dad was a soldier, he is in heaven now. I found this $20 in the parking lot when we got here. We like to pay it forward in my family. ‘It;s your lucky day! Thank you for your service. Myles Eckert, a gold star kid.”

Read more about this story here.

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